Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spineless geriatrix and a stupid bimbo

See this video. She is a cancer.

ARRRGGGGGGHH!!!! I am so mad, you can make an omlette on my head now. I do not know if I will campaign for Obama in the next election, that depends a lot on what he does the next few years. But if this is the woman that is going to run for President or Vice President, bring it on! I will knock on every single door before I see this bimbo taking over. Seriously, how stupid do you have to be to take her seriously? And what nerve making fun of Obama's oratorical skills. She can't construct one grammatically correct sentence and here she is feeling all proud that she is using a 'poor' man's teleprompter, her hand. Oh, give me a fucking break. She blew all that money at Neiman Marcus and now she acts like she understands poor people? She has a political target map on her Facebook page that gives the location (with sniper scopes) of all the democratic members of congress, and has the arrogance to claim she is not inciting hatred? What an imbecile! Her map resulted in "protesters shouting homophobic and racial epithets and spitting at members of Congress about to vote on the bill, and even bricks being thrown through lawmakers' office windows". And McCain whose team had the nastiest things to say about her after the election, has now hired her to campaign for him!!!! This is outrageous! I want him to soo lose in AZ. While that might actually be detrimental, since his opponent in the primary is more conservative than he is, I just want Palin to lose. This mad competition to see who is more conservative (read as retarded), has made this man select this bimbo to help him. This has got to STOP!!! The county that I plan to live in, is already democratic, and I am not sure how much of a difference it will make when I campaign, but I will definitely go out there, rain or hail to get this woman out of politics. HELL F*****G NO!!!!!


Kalpana Jeevan said...

Hi Gayathri.. nice blog there. Inspiring thought process.
I got your link through Uma(Albuquerque). Hope to meet you some day.

GSA said...

Thanks Kalpana! Hope to meet you too!

கபிலன் said...

Whatever you say, she has added glamour in the VP elections last time and attracted millions of eyeballs : ) Even a small regional news channels across the globe carried her news !

Skillset is the only criteria she lags behind : )

GSA said...

It is sad that she has attracted the number of people she has. But I can say for sure that those are narrow-minded, racist, gun toting red necks. All of my intelligent male friends find her repulsive. She is good looking, but it is sad there is nothing behind that pretty face of hers. The thing that offends me the most is that she is a woman. She does NOT represent me or any of the progressive women who fight everyday for equality. She just took us back a 1000 yrs.