Saturday, July 28, 2007


I watched the democratic debate this morning. Wow, was blown away by Dennis Kucinich. He is EXACTLY the kind of person I would vote for. When asked if he would be willing to work for a minimum wage, he said "I still live in the same house I bought in the 70's for 22, 500$, I would definitely increase the minimum wage so that my neighbors can lead a comfortable life just as I." Check out the video here.There was this question where one viewer asked "Look at the candidate on your left and honestly mention one virtue you like and one virtue you dislike about the person". When it came to Kucinich's turn, he was the last person in line and there was no one he could talk about and Anderson Cooper said "You know why that is Kucinich, we couldn't find anyone to the left of you!" Anyway, Kucinich ended up talking about Mike Gravel, my other favorite candidate and said "Sir, you are one of the most courageous men here. You opposed the Vietnam war and brought the truth out. I thank you for that and for being here today!" Check out the video here.When on the issue of energy and alternative sources, Anderson Cooper threatened the candidates with the question, "How many of you took the private jet to this debate?" And guess who were the only two people not to raise their hands? Obviously Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel. Mike Gravel said "I took the train and then the bus. KUDOS to him. Who ever takes the train and then the bus, especially in SOUTH CAROLINA!!! This wasn't even San Francisco and this gentleman chose public transportation over an easy and comfortable jet!! I for one didn't even know you could take a train to South Carolina. One viewer was 'concerned' about gun control. He asked, "I want to know your views on gun control, I want to know if my baby will be safe in this country." He then took out his automatic weapon and said "This is my baby, is it safe?" This question was posed to Bill Richardson who apparently has the highest ratings with the NRA and he said something like, "The only concern is about the mentally deranged and criminals getting hold of these weapons. I would advocate an instant background check" (like these things EVER work!!) Joe Biden when faced with the same question said, "Honestly, if that's his baby, he needs help!! These are exactly the kind of people who should not possess weapons. I am not even sure if he is mentally balanced enough to ask this question" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA... loved it... totally loved the debate. GO DEMOCRATS!!!!!
For all the amazing, amazing you tube questions to the candidates, search for 'you tube debate' on you tube! For the full debate, watch cnn.Have fun viewing the videos!!!
CORRECTION: Senator Joe Biden also chose public transportation over private jets.