Sunday, November 22, 2009

A scary video

NOTE: This is an old draft that I just posted.

This post is about this scary video I just saw. Click on the link to watch it on you tube.

-- So the GOP is taking advice from a 13yr old? HAHAHAHA!!

This is just so wrong. No child can ever be a "natural" conservative, it is the inherent nature of children to question and not blindly believe everything that is said. Conservative principles in a child means he/she has been fed horse shit by his/her parents. According to this poor, brainwashed child and lots of other conservatives, conservatism is based on 4 principles:
1. Respect for the constitution- Like we liberals don't believe in it. Remember it was Bush that disregarded the constitution a thousand times?
2. Respect for life- I can debate on this forever, bring it on!!!. How do you hate-mongers define "life"? So eating meat is respecting life, legalizing death penalties is respecting life, owning guns to shoot other human beings is respecting life but preventing the development of an embryo that is unwelcome by society is sacrilege? Where are these people after the child is born? Those who rally to force other women to keep such pregnancies should prove their worth by sticking around after the baby is born. They won't because that violates their fourth principle- personal responsibility, which I will get to in a minute. Maybe all of you that ride the high horse should remain celibate, please don't kill the sperm! BTW, since when do men have the expertise to make decisions on pregnancy related issues?
3. Less government-This is my favorite. It is so freaking funny because the politicians are often saying this!!! What a joke! They know THEY ARE THE GOVERNMENT but are slyly trying to shift the blame on this other thing. Oh wait, themselves!!!
4. Personal responsibility- Where did this personal responsibility bullshit go when you were 18 and looking for a job and a kind gentlemen offered to forward your resume? Where did this personal responsibility bullshit go when the social security helped pay your grandmother's bills? You ungrateful hypocrites!! This is the difference between the conservatives and liberals isn't it? Conservatives think THEY MADE IT ON THEIR OWN!! Whereas the liberals always realize that someone helped us along the way and want to reciprocate. Hey republicans, "Democrats brought in social security and you slugs rallied against it all the time and are now scaring and misleading the elderly by telling them that the govt is going to take it away from them!!! Like you supported the cause all along. Shame on you. And shame on Sarah Palin!!" I don't know why I brought in Sarah Palin, badmouthing her makes me happy.

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sciencebird said...

What a great post Gayathri, I like how you delineated everything. I especially like points 3) and 4). Down with government, but keep me in power, I deserve it 'cause I'm so wonderful.